The Asheville Blue Ridge Rose Society is an educational, non-profit organization dedicated to the cultivation of roses in the Asheville area and South Eastern United States. Members of the Asheville Blue Ridge Rose Society are rose enthusiasts and home gardeners like you who enjoy growing roses and want to expand their knowledge of rose culture. We enjoy a sense of community, camaraderie and the desire to assist each other and the public in general, with the pursuit of rose knowledge.

The Asheville Blue Ridge Rose Society has kept the rose culture alive by its intent and purpose of growing and showing the best of the best of roses for the enjoyment of the citizens of Asheville. Many members also enjoy the thrill of exhibiting their roses in competition with other rose-lovers. Our rosarians take pride in promoting the rose and helping people with their rose problems.

If you are a newbie and have some questions, we have a group of experienced rosarians who would love to help you with every area of rose culture — from planting and routine care, to exhibiting and everything in between.

The Asheville Blue Ridge Rose Society hosts many programs, workshops, and entertaining events throughout the year.

Our society is affiliated with the American Rose Society and we belong to the Carolina District.


The mission of the Asheville Blue Ridge Rose Society is to encourage and promote interest in all aspects of the rose culture and to encourage the planting of roses for community beautification. We will work together to promote the rose in our community. We will do so by providing education, community outreach and support to fellow members of the gardening community. We will also provide monthly meetings where our door is open to the community and we encourage them to come in and join us with garden tours, speakers, social events and fellowship with other rose growers.

We will not only disburse the information we have gained but will strive to expand our own education and grow. Together this partnership will share our passion and devotion to the rose and help spread the love and enjoyment of roses whenever and wherever possible in our community.


The Rose became our National Floral Emblem when President Reagan signed it into law in 1987. It has long been a symbol of love, honor, respect and admiration. It is now a symbol of our Nation along with the American Flag, the National Anthem and the National Motto. The American Rose Society aspires to be the nation’s best source for information, research and education about the rose for our members and for the general public.